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CLN Gen 2 Launch

Welcome to the 2nd Generation of CEO Learning Network.  Our all new and expanded site offers a unique set of learning resources for CEOs and directors.

We Listened

Over the past two years, we we learned and listened to your feedback to make this site more useful.  We enhanced our content and made our site easy and intuitive to navigate to find what you want, when you want it.

Browse around our new site and see what interests you.  In addition to our weekly blog, we’ve added an expanded set of CEO and director resources written by us and other knowledge experts.  We organized a Library of recommended books that should be on every executives bookshelf or Kindle.

We hope you’ll like what we have developed and find it useful.  Send us your comments and feedback.  If you find something not quite working correctly, please let us know so that we can fix the mistake.

Please consider posting comments and sharing your learnings.  The power of this network is amolified when more executives and directors share their learnings.

Live our Philosophy

Qui docet discit:   Who teaches, learns.

Thanks, have fun and enjoy the site.