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Understand Strategy But Not Risk-An Oxymoron

McKinsey & Company just completed an excellent survey of directors, Improving Board Governance-McKinsey Global Survey Results that contains some very interesting insights.  It notes that directors have a much better understanding of their company business and strategy than a couple of years ago. Paradoxically, it also states that these same directors “struggle to understand and make […]

A Simple Approach To CEO Performance Assessment

The beginning of the new year means evaluating the performance of the past year for yourself and your direct reports.  This performance assessment determines the payout on your short-term incentives as well of those of your leadership team. The Process There are many ways of effectively completing this assessment.  One highly effective approach is when […]

Closed For Inventory

45 years ago when I was in high school, I worked in a health and beauty aids store in NYC. This time every year, we closed the store to take inventory. We would slowly and systematically work our way though all the shelves counting the quantity of each item and the price. This determined how […]