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5 Questions To Answer-Courtesy of Amazon

Recently, I received an email (Important Kindle Request) from Amazon asking for my help in supporting their e-book pricing position vs the one taken by the major hard copy book publisher Hachette. Given my daily onslaught of email, my first inclination was to hit the delete button.  Then something made me read the email and I […]

What Is Risk Appetite?

Risk is a major topic for all boards. In 1:1 discussions with directors and innovation and strategy talks I’ve given over the last year, the topic of risk appetite always seems to arise. Most directors struggle with how to define the risk appetite for their particular board and company. Recently, I came across the attached […]

Understand Strategy But Not Risk-An Oxymoron

McKinsey & Company just completed an excellent survey of directors, Improving Board Governance-McKinsey Global Survey Results that contains some very interesting insights.  It notes that directors have a much better understanding of their company business and strategy than a couple of years ago. Paradoxically, it also states that these same directors “struggle to understand and make […]

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